When your total fitness can’t wait

Our no-risk pre-opening memberships at Hollywood.fit feature group workouts that are happening NOW at no additional charge.  But if you can’t wait for those workouts or the studio to open – you want more classes, personal inspiration or instruction, or times at your convenience, we’ve got you covered.

Jay now offers private one hour classes at a special price.  It’s just:

  • 12 Classes for $400
  • 6 Classes for $250

This is a limited time offer and may expire at any time. So sign up now!


No class today or tomorrow, do the Advanced 7 Minute Workout instead!

There is no class today or tomorrow due to a Karate tournament.  Try out a quick and effective routine with the Advanced 7 Minute Workout instead.  The NY Times has a nifty mobile app.  We use many of the same exercises as warmups in class.

Becoming Rocky

Check out the interview and workout video on what it takes to play the famous Rocky Balboa.  Actor Andy Karl is Rocky in the unique Broadway play that features actual fights in the ring. Becoming Rocky Balboa.


Ready to spar? Plus no class this Saturday

During the week we work on fitness, conditioning, strength, and technique. But what if you want to be ready to actually defend yourself, are ready for something new, or seek to take your skills to the next level?  Then come Saturdays at noon to our Plano class when we hold light sparring.  We have students from intermediate to advanced and often get a few ladies. Students rotate partners to learn from different kinds of opponents.  We all spar to the level of our partner so no one gets hurt. You even get a chance to beat up and get tips from world champion Jay “Hollywood” Wilson!

It’s an ideal time to work on the mental part of your training.  Learn to handle someone coming at you.  Work on your defense.  Practice the combinations you learned in class.  Get used to your adrenaline pumping and controlling it.  Engage your mind to understand, adapt to, and overcome your opponent. It’s a lot of fun.  We hope you’ll join us!

Speaking of Saturdays, class this Saturday July 21 at noon at Revelation Dance Studio, Plano is canceled due to a dance event.  Students are welcome instead to join Jay at his 1:30 class at Star Jiu Jitsu, Carrollton (SE corner of Josey & Frankford).

A Cross-Training Secret

You can’t kickbox every day.  So what’s the ideal secondary workout to stay in shape and complement Jay’s Kickboxing?

The traditional answer is running. But there is a better exercise – yoga.  Yoga doesn’t just burn calories and raise your fitness level like running; it also builds flexibility, balance, and strength, all critical for a kickboxer.  In fact, Jay’s kickboxing classes include a number of yoga techniques like planks.

The article Is Yoga All the Exercise You Need? shares the research and benefits.  Here is an excerpt.

Researchers at the University of Maryland School of Nursing published a comparative analysis of 81 studies that examined yoga’s health benefits and the health benefits of aerobic exercise. The researchers found yoga to be especially effective at reducing stress. This may not be news to those who practice yoga, but even die-hard enthusiasts will be surprised at the number of other health benefits yoga can confer—often to a larger degree than aerobic exercise. The researchers found that yoga outperformed aerobic exercise at improving balance, flexibility, strength, pain levels among seniors, menopausal symptoms, daily energy level, and social and occupation functioning, among other health parameters.

Lose weight, Shape your Body & Holiday schedule

Jay’s Kickboxing hopes its members and friends had a great summer basking by the pool in our triple digit temps.  If you’re a regular member, you got to show off your hot new body.  Our kickboxing classes don’t just get you you fit, build endurance, and teach technique, they also remake your body.

Jay’s Kickboxing is true cross-training.  Jay varies classes to keep them fresh and interesting with techniques from martial arts to yoga.  He gives you a total body workout.   Drills, stations, and exercises include strength conditioning and hip, ab, and back toning.  Take two or more classes a week and you’ll start to see results in four weeks.

Just ask Steve.  He just celebrated his one year anniversary.  He lost a pot belly and 25 pounds.  Great job, old man!

Jay’s Kickboxing will be closed for Labor Day from Friday through Monday, returning Tuesday Sept. 6.  See you all then!


The Single Best Exercise – Burpees!

Don’t have time for a Jay’s Kickboxing class, but want a quick effective workout?

Walking is great if you’re sedentary, but doesn’t do much if you regularly exercise.  Medical fitness experts are interviewed in What’s the Single Best Exercise? One of the top choices is the burpee, “in which you drop to the ground, kick your feet out behind you, pull your feet back in and leap up as high as you can.”  You’ll see that in Jay’s class.  He calls it a squat thrust.

All the top exercises from the experts – from burpees to squats to interval training to weight resistance – are a part of Jay’s Kickboxing comprehensive kickboxing aerobics program.  Come join us!

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