New UFC Schedule – Join Jay tomorrow 6:30!

Jay is excited to announce his new classes at UFC Gym in Richardson at Coit & W. Belt Line.  Come start your November in style tomorrow – Tue. Nov. 1 – with Jay’s first class!

Here is the new initial schedule:

  • Tue 6:30
  • Wed 7:30
  • Thur 6:30
  • Fri 7:30
  • Sat noon

Remember to say you’re a Jay’s Kickboxing student and wear your class t-shirt to get a gym discount.  If you’re not ready to sign up, you can still join us for a free trial class.

So grab your gloves and come on down for a great workout at a terrific gym tomorrow at 6:30!

UFC Dallas-Richardson  at Coit & W. Belt Line
101 S. Coit Rd. Ste. A20, Richardson, TX 75080


Want a discount at UFC Gym?

We’ve arranged a special discount for Jay’s Kickboxing and Muay Thai students at UFC Gym where Jay will be moving his practice.  When you sign up, just say you’re a Jay’s Kickboxing student and wear your class t-shirt.

So grab your gloves now and check out their impressive facility for a workout on your own!  We’ll be announcing the new schedule soon.

UFC Dallas-Richardson
101 S. Coit Rd. Ste. A20
Richardson, TX 75080

Advanced class Saturday noon, Party next Friday 7pm!

TOMORROW. Join us for our regular Muay Thai class Saturday at noon.  We haven’t had it for a few weeks due to competitions and the holiday.  It’s an ideal opportunity to take your training to next level.  The class focuses on more advanced techniques compared to the weekday classes and often includes light sparring, depending on attendees.

NEXT FRIDAY.  Jay’s Kickboxing and Texas Karate Institute (TKI) invite you to our Customer Appreciation Holiday Party Friday Dec 19th at 7 pm.  There will be food, awards, demonstrations, and fun.  It’s Jay’s Kickboxing one year anniversary at TKI.  We hope to see you there!


Texas Karate Institute
1974 Nantucket Dr. (South of W. Campbell Rd.)
Richardson, TX 75080

Saw that last email too late?

If you’re like me, you receive hundreds of emails.  It’s easy for one to get lost in the deluge, or worse, disappear into spam, never to be seen again.

Or you may have a long drive to get to class.  Maybe you often work away from the office or don’t have continual access to personal email.

All that can be a problem.  Because a lot of times we aren’t able to provide much notice about class cancellations, holiday schedules,  or special events and opportunities.  By the time you get home or see your email it’s too late to change your plans.   It truly sucks when you show up at the studio … only to find that nobody’s there.

We have a solution.  You can now receive immediate text messages direct to your cell phone no matter where you are.  It’s easy to sign up for Jay’s Kickboxing Text Hotline.  There are two ways to register:

1. Text your name & email to (972) 845-5630
2. Or visit web signup.

Sign up for Jay’s instant text hotline + No class Saturday

The studio is closed this weekend for a martial arts tournament.  So there will be no class Saturday.  Have a nice run or bike instead!

Want to get messages like this direct to your cell phone immediately no matter where you are?   Sign up for Jay’s Kickboxing new text message hotline.  There are two ways to register:

1. Text your name & email to (972) 845-5630
2. Go to If that doesn’t resolve direct to the signup page, go here.




New Location in Richardson, New Classes … Happy New Year!

Jay’s Kickboxing celebrates the New Year with a bang.  January 1 we’re moving to a new location in Richardson with more classes.  Whether you aim to be a MMA champion or just want to get in shape, we’ve got a class for you!

New Location – Texas Karate Institute, 1974 Nantucket Dr. (South of W. Campbell Rd.), Richardson, TX 75080

New Classes – We’ve added classes and now offer 16 classes of Muay Thai Fitness & Training – Monday through Friday at 5, 6, or 7 pm and Saturday noon.


Our first class is Thursday.  Come join us and check out the new studio!

Build a better body with high intensity Muay Thai and kickboxing fitness and training classes.

  • Get in shape
  • Improve your fitness
  • Tone your muscles
  • Supercharge your cardio
  • Lose weight
  • Learn self-defense
  • Build confidence and discipline
  • Hone your martial arts techniques

All at Jay’s Kickboxing!




Join Jay’s Kickboxing in November with earlier evening classes

You asked for earlier evening hours,  So effective Friday November 1 we’re making a few classes earlier.  The updated schedule:

  • Mon, Wed, Fri 11:30am — Muay Thai Kickboxing Fitness
  • Mon, Wed, Fri 7pm — Muay Thai
  • Tue, Thur 8pm — Muay Thai

If our classes were too late for you, give us a try now and save up to 85% on our Groupon!


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