Join Jay’s students at Ohana for More Fun, Less Work


Several Jay’s Kickboxing students have or will be joining us at Ohana – Big Mike, Jason, Lu, Kevin, Asma, Zike, and Amy.  Let me know if I left anyone out!  Lu was sparring with me last Wednesday.  Bobby, Meg, Vince, Kevin, Donovan, and others have or will be checking us out soon.

Ohana Warrior will be closed for the July 4 holiday from Jun 30-July 7.

I want to leave Jay’s students with a final thought. Any gym you select should provide a good workout where you can dial up your intensity with friendly staff and fellow students.

After several weeks at Ohana, I find one huge difference they provide is … fun.  I enjoyed Jay’s workouts at UFC.  But frankly it gets boring, if not tedious, when you have your own hanging bag and are banging on it with similar combinations class after class.

Ohana Warrior uses a traditional Muay Thai format where you work out with a partner on pads or a bag and often rotate to new partners. That’s quite a different – and I believe, superior – experience.

I’ve been to some studios where there are just a few students. Ohana almost always has 15-25 students at different levels, both guys and gals. That makes for a better class.

Mona and the staff bring many different exercises, not just combinations, that help you with your form and technique.  It’s a great amount of variety and fun.

I hope you’ll give it a try, whether you just want a great workout, to lose weight, improve your training, or even fight.  Free to email me or call with any questions.

Join us!  Ohana Warrior, 525 W. Arapaho Rd, Ste 18, Richardson (972) 968-7306 mapweb Facebook. Try a free class.  Tell them you’re a Jay Hollywood Wilson Kickboxing student.

Train hard, Live Long, and Prosper,

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