Join me at Ohana Warrior for great kickboxing


As I promised, I thoroughly checked out several area kickboxing/Muay Thai studios to find one for Jay Hollywood Wilson’s students that would make him proud and was in the same area.

We finally have a winner – Ohana Warrior 525 W. Arapaho Rd, Ste 18, Richardson (972) 968-7306 map.  It’s East of Coit, just west of the 75 freeway, not far from where the new studio was going to be, as well as just a mile away from the old UFC Richardson.

Mona, the owner, was a friend of Jay’s. They both trained together at Saekson Janjira Muay Thai.

Ohana has an excellent facility. It’s a roomy 4,000 square feet with large open mat, ring, several heavy bags, weights, lots of partner mitts and bags, kettle bells, ropes, tires, and dumbbells.

They have a large selection of classes — 7-8:30 Monday-Thursday, 12:30 Saturday, and 12-1 Tuesday-Thursday if you prefer lunchtime. The Wednesday 7pm class is for light sparring.

Ohana literally means family in Hawaiian.  And it is.  It’s a warm and friendly studio with lots of students, both men and women, at all levels. Classes have 15-25 students with the typical warmup, kickboxing and boxing drills, and cool down format.

Pricing is very reasonable.  I recommend the $89/month plan when you commit to a year.  You don’t have to pay upfront for a few months.  You just pay month to month.  If you need to cancel, there is a nominal termination fee.

Whether you’re a beginner, just want a great workout, or seek to spar or even fight, please join us at Ohana Warrior.

Come and try a free class! I’ll normally be there Mondays, Wednesdays for sparring, and Saturdays.  I hope to see you at Ohana.  Be sure to tell Mona, Jake, and the staff you’re a Jay Hollywood Wilson Kickboxing student.

Ohana Warrior 525 W. Arapaho Rd, Ste 18, Richardson (972) 968-7306 map.

I’ll send a couple more messages with more specific info and other recommendations if you’re in Far North Dallas.

Train hard, Live Long, and Prosper,