Ohana Warrior Update, Plus Sparring & Fighters

Hey gang, I hope everyone had a relaxing Memorial Day Weekend.  It’s time to get back to the studio and work out!

New student update: I welcome Big Mike who also has joined us at Ohana.  When are you coming?

People have asked about Ohana Warrior for sparring and fighters.  It’s a fabulous studio for that as you’ll learn below.  Keep the questions coming!

If you haven’t sparred, I invite you to give it a try.  And no, you won’t get hurt. You don’t play tennis if all you do is hit balls against a wall. Why similarly limit your kickboxing workout?  Here are a few benefits.

  • Learn real technique. Punching or kicking a bag is only half a workout.  It doesn’t help with defense.  You can’t practically use these techniques until you have a real opponent who moves, initiates action, and counters what you’re doing. When you spar you’ll see more and more satisfying progress in your abilities and confidence.
  • Be confident in self-defense.  Regular classes do a poor job of equipping you for real-life situations where you’re threatened or grabbed.  In the real world you have to deal with fear.  Your adrenaline surges, your endurance plummets, and your instinct is to flee, turn away or hide, scream, or blindly strike out.  Sparring teaches you to control yourself, your breathing, and your response so you can handle problems on the mat, in the ring, … and in regular life.
  • Be present and engage your mind. Classes where you have your own bag can be good for fitness and endurance.   But it doesn’t engage that squishy thing between your ears. Sparring forces you to be present, be humble, and think, adapt, and learn.
  • Take your cardio fitness to the next level.  If you’re already in great shape, sparring is the next step. Not only is it three minutes of high intensity work, it’s also doubly hard because you have to think and manage your breathing and adrenaline.
  • Start the next step in training.  Punches, kicks, blocks, slips, and movement are just the mechanics.  The next challenge is learning how, when, and why to use them all.  You can only integrate that in your training with sparring.

Sparring. Sparring class is Wednesday 7-8:30.  The class has a large mix with beginners, experienced students, and fighters, both guys and gals, of all sizes.  You rotate to a new partner every round so you get exposed to a wide variety of opponents.  There’s always someone new to match wits with and something new to learn!  If you’re with someone more experienced, your partner will take it easy and play mostly defense so you can focus on combinations to see what works.

After sparring, students circle up to give each other feedback. Mona, instructors, and other students commend you on your improvement and provide valuable tips you can learn for your next class.

Fighting.  Ohana is an excellent fighters gym.  In addition to sparring, Mona invites all fighters to  stay after class for advanced work.  Ohana participates in local sparring and fights and typically brings more fighters than other studios.  They brought several students and staff to the last US Muay Thai tournament.  Ohana fighters came home with multiple belts, including three first places, two for the women.

Join us!  Ohana Warrior 525 W. Arapaho Rd, Ste 18, Richardson (972) 968-7306 map. Try a free class.  Tell them you’re a Jay Hollywood Wilson Kickboxing student.

Train hard, Live Long, and Prosper,

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More on Ohana Warrior, Far North Dallas

I wrote my last post on our recommendation of Ohana Warrior in Richardson for Jay’s Kickboxing students. Please read that article for an introduction to Mona, the owner, the facility, class schedule, and pricing.

Amy is already there.  Big Mike and Meg said they’ll be coming over.  What about you?

Here are a few answers to questions you’ve asked.

Do they teach technique?  Yes.  It’s important both to prevent injuries and increase your skills.  In a recent class we had to run drills with paper held under your armpit, against your forehead, and under your chin to instill proper position (arms down, hands guarding your face, and chin down)!

How hard are the classes? As hard as you want them to be. Remember, it’s a family gym.  If you’re a beginner or getting back to regular training, no problem.  Take it easy and work at your own speed.  If you’re a fighter, there’s plenty of opportunity to push yourself, get an excellent workout, and find others in the class who also will be training hard.

Are classes like those at UFC Gyms? Ohana has a few bags for individual work outside classes. Classes follow a more traditional Muay Thai format where you work out with a partner with mitts or a bag. They have 15-25 students at each class. So you’re sure to find someone at your size and skill level. Classes start with jumping rope.  Again, it’s not a problem if you’re not ready for a full round.  Many students aren’t.  Do as much as you can, substitute jumping jacks or jogging and punching to the ceiling, etc.

If you’re looking for a mass-produced workout like UFC Gyms with your own bag, where they typically don’t teach technique and they have the same program or similar drills every class, then Ohana isn’t for you. Check out a Title Boxing Club instead.

For most of Jay’s career as a teacher, he didn’t have individual bags.  Ohana’s format is what he taught.  I have the jumprope to prove it!

Please join us! Ohana Warrior 525 W. Arapaho Rd, Ste 18, Richardson (972) 968-7306 map. Tell them you’re a Jay Hollywood Wilson Kickboxing student.

Train hard, Live Long, and Prosper,


Far North Dallas

Live and work in Allen or McKinney?  If Richardson is too far for you, here are suggestions from other students.


All levels, including advanced

  • Saekson, Plano (Muay Thai). This is where Jay trained.  He also taught there 10 years ago.
  • The Den, Allen (Boxing, Crossfit)
  • Siam Star, Allen (Muay Thai, MMA)


Join me at Ohana Warrior for great kickboxing


As I promised, I thoroughly checked out several area kickboxing/Muay Thai studios to find one for Jay Hollywood Wilson’s students that would make him proud and was in the same area.

We finally have a winner – Ohana Warrior 525 W. Arapaho Rd, Ste 18, Richardson (972) 968-7306 map.  It’s East of Coit, just west of the 75 freeway, not far from where the new studio was going to be, as well as just a mile away from the old UFC Richardson.

Mona, the owner, was a friend of Jay’s. They both trained together at Saekson Janjira Muay Thai.

Ohana has an excellent facility. It’s a roomy 4,000 square feet with large open mat, ring, several heavy bags, weights, lots of partner mitts and bags, kettle bells, ropes, tires, and dumbbells.

They have a large selection of classes — 7-8:30 Monday-Thursday, 12:30 Saturday, and 12-1 Tuesday-Thursday if you prefer lunchtime. The Wednesday 7pm class is for light sparring.

Ohana literally means family in Hawaiian.  And it is.  It’s a warm and friendly studio with lots of students, both men and women, at all levels. Classes have 15-25 students with the typical warmup, kickboxing and boxing drills, and cool down format.

Pricing is very reasonable.  I recommend the $89/month plan when you commit to a year.  You don’t have to pay upfront for a few months.  You just pay month to month.  If you need to cancel, there is a nominal termination fee.

Whether you’re a beginner, just want a great workout, or seek to spar or even fight, please join us at Ohana Warrior.

Come and try a free class! I’ll normally be there Mondays, Wednesdays for sparring, and Saturdays.  I hope to see you at Ohana.  Be sure to tell Mona, Jake, and the staff you’re a Jay Hollywood Wilson Kickboxing student.

Ohana Warrior 525 W. Arapaho Rd, Ste 18, Richardson (972) 968-7306 map.

I’ll send a couple more messages with more specific info and other recommendations if you’re in Far North Dallas.

Train hard, Live Long, and Prosper,