Hollywood: Recommended Kickboxing Studio Update


I haven’t forgotten you!  The search for a replacement Muay Thai/kickboxing studio is in progress.  I’ll be out of town for a while.  So it will be 2-3 more weeks until I can provide a final report.

I aim to visit studios at least 3 times so I can see all the instructors and all levels of kickboxing classes, including sparring, for both Jay’s regular and fighter students.  There is no replacement for Jay who has his inspiration, training talent, and fighting experience … and teaches all levels and all classes.  But there are some good schools out there.

I’m targeting a studio that’s no more than 5 miles from UFC Richardson. I’ll provide a separate list for those of you in North Plano/McKinney.

That’s all for now. I appreciate everyone’s feedback so far.  Feel free to write with additional suggestions or questions.

Train hard, Live Long, and Prosper,