More Hollywood News – Lunch, March for our Lives, and other invitations

Friends, here is what’s new on and inspired by Jay Hollywood Wilson.

First – if you receive our text messages but NOT emails, we’ll need your email as we’ll be shutting down text messaging soon. Please register at the bottom of the  home page.

1. Memorial Celebration.  We had a great crowd and many touching stories.  Thank you to everyone for the love and Michelle @ Title Boxing Club Allen for hosting.

2. Lunch Tuesday, March 20 1pm @ Olive Garden. I’ll be hosting Andy Sloane, one of Jay’s earliest students. Andy is stationed in Okinawa for the Navy.  He’s going to the funeral in Milwaukee and will be in Dallas afterward.  It’s a final time to share our memories of Jay.  Send me an email if you’d like to join us. …  Olive Garden Dallas – Greenville Ave, 9079 Vantage Point Dr, Dallas, TX 75243 (972) 234-3292.

3. March for Our Lives (for Gun Control) at Dallas City Hall Saturday March 24 12pm. I’m coordinating with my business group to march together for this great cause after the school shooting and murders in Florida.  I know Jay would have approved.  I invite you to join us. Sign up at our LinkedIn group.

4. Networking plug.  Are you in the business and networking world?  If so, I created a no-cost way for LinkedIn networkers to build their Twitter network. I invite you to join me on LinkedIn Twitter Follow Back at You also can connect to me on LinkedIn.

5. Viewing and Memorial Funds. We’ve raised about $4,000 to support the family and help defray Jay’s funeral.  But total funeral expenses are much more.  If you haven’t contributed, the links to do so can be found at Jay Hollywood Wilson Viewing & Fund Contributors.

6. Studio Recommendation. As as a final way to honor Jay, I want to help you find a future Dallas kickboxing home worthy of him and get you an excellent group rate.  I’m checking out area Muay Thai/kickboxing studios to find the best workout for regular students, as well as fighters, that includes cardio, technique, and inspiration.  Feel free to send recommendations to me.


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