More/changed classes, including Boxing and Sparring

We have multiple announcements for next week’s classes.

  • Added Wed 6:30 Boxing
  • Combined Friday Boxing and Kickboxing for one class from 6:30-8.
  • Saturday Muay Thai class at noon will be for all levels. Advanced students who are interested will be able to spar.  Beginner to intermediate students will work on the bags.

Check Jay’s Kickboxing schedule for all current classes.

Added Classes: Monday 6:30 Muay Thai Fitness, Plus early morning boxing

Jay’s Kickboxing has added the following classes at UFC Richardson.

  • Monday 6:30pm.  Muay Thai Fitness.  Now we have a class every weeknight.
  • Tuesday/Thursday 6am.  Boxing Fitness.  Work on your handwork for an early morning pick me up before you have to endure that regular workday grind.

UFC Dallas-Richardson SE corner of Coit & W. Belt Line
101 S. Coit Rd. Ste. A20, Richardson, TX 75080 (map)

New Sparring Time?

For advanced students and fighters, at UFC Gym we can only spar when the gym is closed.  Two proposed times are below.  Please vote for the best time for you.   Send any comments.