Reduced classes today

Today Jay’s Kickboxing will only have its regular class at 7:30pm.

Jay will be out due to a medical emergency.  The 5:30 and 6:30 classes will be open gym where you can work out on your own with the bags, weights, and equipment.

Jay’s ready. Are you?

We hope you had a restful holiday.  Jay is ready for your next workout.  What about you?

Come join Jay Hollywood Wilson to work, sweat, punch, kick, block, strike, elbow, knee, and spar (on Saturdays).   Our full schedule of classes resumes today! Check our schedule for class days and times.

Sparring today at 6:30pm!

Saturday sparring will obviously not happen since we’ll be closed Friday through Monday for the Labor Day holiday. So we’ll have sparring at today’s class at 6:30.