For top fitness, push yourself!

Jay works you hard during our kickboxing and muay thai classes.  But it’s a two way relationship.  It only works if you accept the challenge and push yourself.  When you do you’ll be able to meet your workout goals, whether it’s to lose weight, learn self-protection, improve your martial arts skills, prepare for competition, or for older students like this writer, stave off the scourges of old age.

Most importantly, our classes are ideal for overall physical fitness to increase endurance, strength, and balance.  The short 45 second to one minute bursts of intense activity are perfect for intensity training, which has been proven to be far more effective to improve your fitness than moderate exercise, such as from jogging. The saying is actually true – no pain, no gain.

Read more at For Fitness, Push Yourself.  And knock yourself out, so to speak, during your Jay’s Kickboxing workouts!

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