No class today. Didn’t get class alerts in time?

A quick combination for another freezing day in paradise:

JAB.  Today’s class is canceled due to poor roads from the snow and ice.

CROSS.  We’ve been having great classes Saturdays at noon with advanced techniques and light sparring.  We invite you to join us … just not today.

HOOK.  Did you not get class alerts like this in time … or at all?   Jay’s Kickboxing text message hotline is THE place to get the latest updates.  We publish there first and sometimes can’t get to all our social media channels.  Plus alerts are delivered direct to your cell phone immediately no matter where you are.  Often we only have an hour or two of notice when we have to cancel or change class.  So it doesn’t make sense for you to wait for our regular messages like this that get lost in all your other email.  There are two ways to sign up:

  1. Text your name & email to (972) 845-5630
  2. Go to