Jay’s Kickboxing Holiday Schedule

Here is the current holiday schedule:

  • Revelation Dance Studio, Plano.  Thursday will be the last class of the month as the studio is closed for two weeks at  the end of the year.
  • Star Jiu Jitsu in Carrollton.  There will be no classes on Christmas and New Year’s Eve and Days. 

Plano students are welcome to check our schedule and join the Carrollton classes.

Are you serious about your fitness, health, and weight goals? If you stop training for two weeks, it can take a month to get back to where you were before the holidays … especially if you’re over 30!

So enjoy the holidays and family.  But don’t destroy the results you’ve earned over the past few months.  Eat and drink in moderation. Don’t just carve the turkey.  Carve time out for YOU!  You and your health deserve it.

Stay active.  We recommend yoga if you have an hour and squat thrusts if you just have 10 minutes.  Pursue activities you enjoy, such as cross-training, running, biking, weight training, racquetball, basketball, rowing, and skiing, at least a total of 3 times a week.

See you next year!