Warriors discount at Studio Movie Grill

Snag a ticket for the movie Warriors plus a free soft drink at Studio Movie Grill for just $6.25!  Go here to print the coupon.  Reload to print a new coupon to bring a guest.

Video treats

Still resting up after the Labor Day weekend?  Enjoy a few video treats for our fans.   Check out:

Time’s up!  Rest time is over, private.  Get up off your butt.  Train, get fit, and have fun at Jay’s Kickboxing in Plano and Carrollton.


Lose weight, Shape your Body & Holiday schedule

Jay’s Kickboxing hopes its members and friends had a great summer basking by the pool in our triple digit temps.  If you’re a regular member, you got to show off your hot new body.  Our kickboxing classes don’t just get you you fit, build endurance, and teach technique, they also remake your body.

Jay’s Kickboxing is true cross-training.  Jay varies classes to keep them fresh and interesting with techniques from martial arts to yoga.  He gives you a total body workout.   Drills, stations, and exercises include strength conditioning and hip, ab, and back toning.  Take two or more classes a week and you’ll start to see results in four weeks.

Just ask Steve.  He just celebrated his one year anniversary.  He lost a pot belly and 25 pounds.  Great job, old man!

Jay’s Kickboxing will be closed for Labor Day from Friday through Monday, returning Tuesday Sept. 6.  See you all then!