The Single Best Exercise – Burpees!

Don’t have time for a Jay’s Kickboxing class, but want a quick effective workout?

Walking is great if you’re sedentary, but doesn’t do much if you regularly exercise.  Medical fitness experts are interviewed in What’s the Single Best Exercise? One of the top choices is the burpee, “in which you drop to the ground, kick your feet out behind you, pull your feet back in and leap up as high as you can.”  You’ll see that in Jay’s class.  He calls it a squat thrust.

All the top exercises from the experts – from burpees to squats to interval training to weight resistance – are a part of Jay’s Kickboxing comprehensive kickboxing aerobics program.  Come join us!

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  1. […] active.  We recommend yoga if you have an hour and squat thrusts if you just have 10 minutes.  Pursue activities you enjoy, such as cross-training, running, […]

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